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Welcome to! My name is Larry and I’m from the great Confederate state of Kentucky. The only state that has a county named after the honorable Robert E. Lee which of course is named none other than Lee county. I’m proud of my Southern heritage and proud of the fact that my grandfather found for the Southern cause.

I’ve been fascinated with Southern history ever since I came to the realization that the war for southern independence or Northern aggression however you wish to call it, is not, as it is depicted in the classroom school books. That being said, this website isn’t devoted to setting the record straight in regards to the Southern cause, this site is focused on educating you the reader, on one of America’s all-time best Generals.

Robert E. Lee was a very remarkable man in all aspects of life from his secure Christian faith to his battlefield tactics. My goal for this website to cover in detail all aspects of Robert E Lee from his early military career to becoming General in Chief of the Confederate Army, to his final days after the way.

Lee a native Virginian was born into a very patriotic family being that his father was Lighthorse Harry Lee a revolutionary war hero. While attending WestPoint military academy he is thought to be the only student in WestPoint history to never receive a single demerit. He was devoted to his Christian faith and chose to stay home and study while the other students which included future United States Secretary of War and only Confederate President Jefferson Davis were out enjoying themselves on the town. He when on to graduated second in his class at WestPoint military academy.

Lee went on to have a very fulfilling military career with the United States serving with distinction on General Winfield Scott staff during the Mexican-American war through 1846-1848. General Scott was quoted saying that he had never observed a finer military officer than Robert E. Lee. For his duties during the Mexican-American General Winfield Scott promoted Lee from Captain to brevet Lieutenant Colonel. From there Lee went on to be promoted to full bird Colonel and it was Lieutenant General Winfield Scott that recommended him to President Abraham Lincoln to command the Union Army in preparation for the invasion of the Southern States.

Lee was offered command of the Union army but knowing that his home state of Virginia was close to seceding from the Union he replied, that he would not draw his sword against his home and soon later drafted a letter resigning his commission for good from the United States Army. His patriotism lead him to offer his military services to his home state of Virginia for which he was quickly commissioned the rank of Major General and given the command of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis was very familiar with Lee’s military history and offered him a commission at the rank of Brigadier General on his staff as Chief Adviser for the Confederate Army. This was not a demotion on any account as Lee had taken over a higher responsible for the Confederate Army which was separate from his state level rank of Major General that Virginia had given him.

Time passing he went on to become of the greatest if not the greatest battlefield General the world has ever seen taking on Union armies which always outnumbered sometimes to the point of 4 to 1. His ability to determine the enemies’ movement and swiftly move to counter those movements proved to be very successful as Lee went on to win battle after battle. The Union papers often reported that the “Rebel General” seemed to be unbeatable. Later in the war President Jefferson Davis gave full command of the Confederate Army to General Lee with the title of General in Chief. Most historians argue that if would have been given full command sooner the outcome of the war would have been much different, but I don’t believe this alone would have impacted the outcome. I say that because he wasn’t willing to fight an uncivilized war. On the other hand the Union army utilized and coined the concept of “Total War” which essentially meant anything goes.

Lee having circum to those tactics surrendered the Confederate Army to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. After the war while attending court to have his citizenship renewed Lee was quoted saying something to the fact of if I could have foreseen the outcome of my surrender and the treatment of my Officers and Nation I would have rather died with my sword in my hand.

Deo Vindice!